Epoxy-Plus Marine Epoxy


- Penetrates and seals wood against moisture with a tough, flexible, permanent coating
- Stronger and better than polyester resin for covering wood boats with fiberglass cloth
- For cedar strip construction
- For stitch & glue construction
- Repair dry rot damage and prevent further decay


Epoxy-Plus is a premium grade marine epoxy. Easy to use with a 1 to 1 mix ratio, no amine blush, no sanding between coats, low viscosity for easy fiberglass wet-out, longer working time for the amateur builder. A proven product for over 35 years. It cures to a flexible, resilient surface, able to withstand flexing and impacts better than harder, more brittle epoxies. Cures ultra clear, ideal for clear finishes such as cedar strip boatbuilding. Use for stitch & glue, add wood flour for structural fillets.


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Note - units priced below include resin and hardener. e.g. a 1 gal. unit contains 1/2 gal. of resin and 1/2 gal of hardener.

Epoxy-Plus Marine Epoxy and Pumps

Display NamePrice/UnitUnit Quantity
Epoxy-Plus Marine Epoxy 26.00 1 Quart
Epoxy-Plus Marine Epoxy 45.00 2 Quarts
Epoxy-Plus Marine Epoxy 72.00 1 Gallon
Epoxy-Plus Marine Epoxy 136.00 2 Gallons
Epoxy-Plus Marine Epoxy 199.00 3 Gallons
Epoxy-Plus Marine Epoxy 299.00 5 Gallons
Epoxy-Plus Marine Epoxy 579.00 10 Gallons
Dispensing Pumps-Fits 1,2, or 3 Gallon Units Only 6.50 Set of Two