Fiberglass Mat

Weight 1-1/2 oz. per sq. ft. This treated material is a non-woven felt consisting of chopped glass fibers 1" to 2" in length, crisscrossed and randomly interlocked and held together with a binder. Since it is not a woven cloth it can be stretched to fit into difficult areas. It is highly absorbent, soaks up a great deal of resin, and the resultant structure is stiffer than a layer of woven cloth, although not as strong. Mat is often used between layers of roving. Typically used with polyester resin but can also be used with Epoxy-Plus Marine Epoxy.

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Fiberglass mat is shipped rolled, not folded, in a separate box. We will advise you of the shipping charges before we process your order.

Fiberglass Mat is sold per linear yard.

Fiberglass Mat
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F.G. Mat 1.5 oz. X 38 4.50 yard 1+ Yards 1.5 oz. 38"