Marine Paint, Marine Varnish

For the best finish, use our foam brushes, with sturdy wood handles.


The phenolic resin combined with tung and linseed oils is excellent over Epoxy-Plus for a clear high gloss natural wood finish . It contains the highest amount of UV light protection available for longer life. The heavy body, high performance varnish flows easily and provides an extremely durable mirror-like finish. Coverage approximately 125 sq. ft. per quart. Recoat time overnight. Sold in quarts only.


EZ-Poxy is a modern one-part polyurethane enamel improved by the addition of silicone for a brilliant shine and easy brush-ability. Its advanced ultraviolet filters enhance the superior gloss retention and durability of polyurethane. The result is a topside finish that's exceptionally easy to apply, producing a lasting gelcoat-like brilliance with a minimum of effort. Works well over our Epoxy-Plus Marine Epoxy. Want an even better finish? See EZ-Poxy Performance Enhancer below. Coverage approximately 100 sq. ft. per quart.


EZ-Poxy Performance Enhancer is an additive with an advanced formulation. It reacts with EZ-Poxy Paint to cross-link polymers within the paint film, providing exceptional durability, gloss, hardness, gloss retention, scratch resistant and longevity. Basically, it provides the durability and gloss of two-part linear polyurethanes with the ease of use of one-part polyurethanes. Also increases flow out of brush strokes and roller stipple, providing a mirror-like high gloss finish. Use 2 oz. per quart of paint.

Marine Paint, Marine Varnish

Display NamePrice/UnitUnit Quantity
HI-BUILD Varnish 44.99 quart
EZ-Poxy Gloss White 44.99 quart
EZ-Poxy Light Gray 47.99 quart
EZ-Poxy Black 46.99 quart
EZ-Poxy Ocean Blue 48.99 quart
EZ-Poxy Dark Green 46.99 quart
EZ-Poxy Bright Red 49.99 quart
EZ-Poxy Dark Gray 47.99 quart
EZ-Poxy Enhancer - 8 oz. 25.99 each
Foam Brushes - 2" 1.10 each
Foam Brushes - 2" 4.80 6
Foam Brushes - 3" 1.30 each
Foam Brushes - 3" 6.00 6
0.00 each
0.00 each