Super XXX 29 Polyester Resin

Polyester resin has been used to cover wooden boats with fiberglass cloth. While polyester resin does not have the strength, flexibility and adhesion to wood that epoxy does, it does do an adequate job and is somewhat less expensive. Should you decide to use polyester resin, be assured that we supply only the highest quality materials and our Super XXX 29 Polyester Resin is among the best on the market today.

For applications requiring greater adhesion and maximum tensile strength, we recommend our Epoxy-Plus Marine Epoxy.

NOTE: Polyester resins may not cure over epoxy and should not be used over epoxy.

Polyester resin is shipped separately. We will advise you of the shipping charges before we process your order.

Super XXX 29 Polyester Resin

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Poly-Resin 1 Gal. 49.65 gallon Super XXX 29 Polyester Resin-----Price Per Gallon