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Boat Building, Covering and Surfacing Polyester Resin

This is a general purpose no-wax polyester resin which contains an agent that makes the surface tack-free in several hours at room temperature. It is recommended for boat covering, repair work and boat building. This colorless resin contains the highest quality ingredients which makes for fast and easy application from the first coat through the finish coat.

Its "Non-Sag" characteristics make it ideal for horizontal or vertical work. If a thicker resin is desired for special applications, add Cab-0-SiI. Adding Milled Glass Fibers will produce a very strong putty-like compound used for nicks, gouges and can even be tapped and drilled. Fillers can be found in the Filler - Wire section of this site.Color agents may be added for desired color.

Super XXX 29 can be used with our fiberglass cloth, mat, and roving. The pot life may vary over a wide range, but generally is around 30 minutes. Prices include catalyst (hardener).


7-1/2 oz. cloth - one gallon of resin per 45 sq. ft. (for required 3 coats).
1-1/2 oz. mat or 18 oz. roving - one gallon of resin per 24 sq. ft.


When added to polyester resin, these dense colors will retain their brilliance and resist blushing. Choice of colors: white, black, red, blue, yellow, and green. Use 4 oz. per gallon.


Extra amounts of catalyst may be neces-sary in temperatures below 70' or when rapid setting is re-quired. Use 2 oz. per gallon.


Essential for use in lifting out cast or molded forms. Prevent sticking by providing a thin film between the mold and the cured resin shape.


Straight rollers for large, relatively flat and convex surfaces. Heavy-duty spiral grooves force glass down into the laminate while pushing resin up to better remove entrapped air and produce a strong laminate. Deep fins allow air to get out faster. Machined corners reduce glass fiber shearing. 1/4" steel frame for long lasting durability. Plastic handles for easy cleanup. 1"x 3", 1"x 6".


Heavy-duty plastic specialty roller. A must for concave surfaces. Prevent "roller end dig in." Ferrule reinforced plastic threaded han-dle. I" x 3" , 15" radius.


Use wherever possible in radii and grooves to increase glass-to-resin ratio for stronger laminates in these critical areas. 1/4" steel frame for long lasting durability. Corro-sion resistant plastic. Ferrule rein-forced plastic handle. 2" x 5/16" radius.


Use for Polyester or Epoxy. These new rollers do jobs large rollers and brushes can-not do. New deep grooved plastic roller with strong, deep fins. Excellent air release. Resin and solvent resistant. Steel frame. Easy to clean. Economical. 1/2" x 3", 1/2" x 5".


This is an inexpensive and effective tool for compressing the laminate and rolling out air bubbles. This ribbed plastic sleeve slides over our regular roller frame the same way a paint roller sleeve does. 1-3/4" x 7".

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