LARK 9 DORY - #S 60 - On Sale - $10!
This is a dory design from the Lark series of low cost, easy to build boat designs. These designs are built using a variation of the Stitch & Glue construction method. During assembly, the parts can be nailed together rather than stitched with wire or you can stitch the hull panels with wire. The seams are then filled and taped with fiberglass tape and resin. No internal framing is required. Plywood bulkheads, forming the fore and aft flotation tanks, and the seats provide the lateral support needed. The plans suggest using basic lumberyard materials for a low cost project. Of course you can upgrade the materials if desired.

Plans include scale pattern hull dimensions which can easily be transferred to plywood, and illustrated step-by-step instructions for Stitch & Glue construction. Full-size patterns are not available nor required to build this model. Also included are plans for making your own oars. Requires only 2 sheets of plywood and no building jig is necessary. Design No.S60

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Design Number: # S 60
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