Build in STEEL.

This design has a proven seagoing hull with a good turn of speed and extensive main deck for working the catch. Trapper is designed to USL Code of Survey. Uncut steel approximately 5.3 tons.

Deck 18.4' x 11.2' (5.6 m x 3.4 m) is self-draining.

The large engine room will take either single or twin installations. Plans show a turbo-charged Cat. 3208 260 BHP at 2,800 rpm. There is a large fish hold aft, 3.6 cu. m. capacity.

Accommodation includes crew sleeping quarters with toilet. Headroom is 6.1' (1.85 m). Pilothouse and galley are 9.2' x 4.6' (2.8 m x 1.4 m) with headroom of 6.1' (1.87 m).

The plans are comprehensively detailed, showing profile, general arrangement, deck plan, offsets, lines and body plan, main hull construction, coach roof and pilothouse details, and engineering.

Lines and Table of Offsets are provided in lieu of full-size patterns (FSP). FSP are available, please contact us for pricing. Plans with Lines and Table of Offsets.

LENGTH 32' 9" (9.9 m)
BEAM 11'6"(3.51 m)
DISPALCEMENT 6.7 Tons (6,820 kg)
UNCUT STEEL 5.3 Tons approx.
SPEED 6.9 knots approx.
STEEL WEIGHT 2.6 Tons approx.
Design Number: 569
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Plans and Patterns (Steel):[$99]
Digital Plans & Patterns - Steel:[$59]