TURRAMURRA 45 - #587 - On Sale!
Build In STEEL

This is a semi-displacement workboat with steel hull and a lightweight superstructure as an aid to stability. The extensive main deck is 24.9' x 15' (7.6 m x 4.6 m) with hold below of 18 cubic meter capacity or 12 tons fish.

Wheelhouse includes steering station, galley and dining. Below decks are two double cabins, bathroom with toilet. Plans to U.S.L. code of survey.

Lines and Table of Offsets are provided in lieu of full-size patterns (FSP). FSP are available, please contact us for pricing.

Plans on Sale - only $99, regular pricing $199.

LENGTH 50.2' (15.3 m)
LWL 43' (13.1 m)
BEAM 15.75' (4.8 m)
DRAFT 3.94' (1.2 m)
POWER 2 x 270 hp Diesel
SPEED 13knots approx.
STEEL WEIGHT 11.4 Tons approx.
Design Number: 587
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Plans and Patterns (Steel):[$99]
Digital Plans & Patterns:[$69]