Fiberglass Cloth

Weight 4 oz., 6 oz. or 10 oz. per square yard.

Our E-glass fiberglass cloth is treated to improve the peel strength and adhesion over ordinary cloth when using marine epoxy. Also compatible with polyester resin. 4 oz. cloth is used for decks, kayaks or other light weight applications. 6 oz. cloth is mainly used for small craft and strip built craft such as cedar strip canoes and dinghies.

Orders of 15 yards or less are carefully folded, and shipped in a separate box. Orders of more than 15 yards will be rolled. We will advise you of the shipping charge for rolled cloth before we process your order.

Fiberglass Cloth is sold per linear yard. Minimum order is 5 yards, can be combined with different weights and lengths..

(*) Fiberglass cloth is shipped separately. If ordered with another product, a $10 shipping charge will be added to your order. If ordered separately, standard shipping charges will apply.

Fiberglass Cloth
Price Per Linear Yard

Display NamePrice/UnitUnit Quantity
F.G.Cloth 4 oz X 50" 10.90 yard
F.G.Cloth 4 oz X 60" 12.50 yard
F.G.Cloth 6 oz X 38" 9.15 yard
F.G.Cloth 6 oz X 50" 10.25 yard
F.G.Cloth 6 oz X 60" 11.50 yard
F.G.Cloth 10 oz X 38" 11.00 yard
F.G.Cloth 10 oz X 50" 12.00 yard
F.G.Cloth 10 oz X 60" 14.30 yard