Fiberglass Tape - 9 oz.

Woven fiberglass cloth tape has many uses. It may be used in any area that needs reinforcement, for covering seams, for bonding edges, or for Stitch and Glue construction. Our tapes are made with specially woven selvage edges to prevent fraying. Fiberglass tape is wet out and bonded using epoxy resin.

Fiberglass Tape is sold per linear Yard.

Fiberglass Tape
Price Per Yard / Roll
Order by Full Yards or Rolls

Display NamePrice/UnitUnit Quantity
F.G. Tape - 2" 1.30 yard
F.G. Tape - 2" x 50 Yards 20.00 roll
F.G. Tape - 3" 1.75 yard
F.G. Tape - 4" 2.65 yard
F.G. Tape - 6" 3.05 yard
F.G. Tape - 12" 4.95 yard