Marine Paint, Marine Varnish


Captain's Varnish is highly regarded for ease of application, outstanding gloss retention and tough yet flexible durability. Works well over our Marine Epoxy 1:1 Mix. A combination of phenolic and alkyd resins blended with tung and linseed oils provide excellent performance. The warm, light amber hue will enhance the rich, classic bright work appearance. Extra UV protection. Coverage approximately 125 sq. ft. per quart. Recoat time overnight. Sold in quarts only.


EZ-Poxy is a modern one-part polyurethane enamel improved by the addition of silicone for a brilliant shine and easy brush-ability. Its advanced ultraviolet filters enhance the superior gloss retention and durability of polyurethane. The result is a topside finish that's exceptionally easy to apply, producing a lasting gelcoat-like brilliance with a minimum of effort. Works well over our Marine Epoxy 1:1 Mix. Coverage approximately 100 sq. ft. per quart.

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Marine Paint, Marine Varnish

Display NamePrice/UnitUnit Quantity
Captain's Varnish 57.99 quart
EZ-Poxy White 55.99 quart
EZ-Poxy Medium Blue 56.99 quart
EZ-Poxy Dark Green 55.99 quart
EZ-Poxy Bright Red 62.99 quart
EZ-Poxy Light Gray 59.99 quart
EZ-Poxy Dark Gray 55.99 quart
EZ-Poxy Black 55.99 quart