Clark Craft's Fasteners

Fastening Kits are offered for most designs listed and include the correct size and number of wood screws and boat nails, as shown on the bill of materials. Bolts, if any, are not included.

The screws included in our Fastening Kits are silicon bronze flat head wood screws and are full body, cut thread for a tight seal. While more expensive, silicon bronze is the most corrosion resistant metal typically specified for marine use and is the ultimate choice in quality and long-term strength and durability. Silicon bronze wood screws are excellent for boats that will be operated continually in salt water and are also the choice of knowledgeable boat builders that will be trailering their salt water boats or operating in fresh water.

Boat nails included in the Fastening Kits are high quality, annular ring thread type silicon bronze boat nails and are supplied in the proper number and gauge.

Note that the price of the Boat Kit includes the Silicon Bronze Fastening Kit.

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