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GL-10 Super Epoxy Glue

GL-10 equal mix glue type adhesive is the best of its kind on the market today. We have had our GL-10 epoxy glue formu-lated to a thick yet spreadable consistancy so that it will easily stay in place when spread along a vertical surface. GL-10 has an approximate 1 1/2 hours pot life at 70 which is ample time for most projects. Under high stress condi-tions such as an impact, we find that the GL-10 glue line will hold fast and the wood fiber parts either side of the glue line will generally shatter, the mark of an excellent glue. Bonds wood, fiberglass, concrete, glass and most metals, is transparent to amber in color.

  • Equal mix
  • No shrinkage
  • Cures at 35
  • Cures on moist wood
  • Over night cure
  • Contact pressure
  • Gap filling
  • Once cured can be drilled, tapped, machined or sanded

Photo above submitted by a customer building our Barracuda design has just completed applying GL-10 epoxy glue on the bottom battens, keel and chines. Bottom panel along side has been pre-coated with Epoxy-Plus and allowed to harden over night. Once the bottom panel has been fitted in place and the GL-10 glue hardens, there is no way the panel could be removed.

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