RELIANCE 38 - #501
RELIANCE 38 #501 Build in STEEL

This vessel has proved to be an efficient and reliable general purpose workboat with a box keel and hard chine hull form. It is a simple boat to build with 6 mm hull plating over flat bar frames.

The plans show a 174 cont. shp at 1800 rpm. This rig should give speeds up to 8 knots. Minimum recommended power is 75 bhp.

The fo'csle crew accommodation shows two single berths, toilet and lockers. The wheelhouse is equipped with helmsman's position, galley and settee. Headroom is 6' 3" both above and below decks. The main deck is 18' long.

The plans are very comprehensively detailed and include general arrangement, structural details, plumbing, electrics, engineering, welding details, typical sections, lines and offsets.

LENGTH 38' (11.58m)
LWL 33' 6" (1m)
BEAM 12' (3.66 m)
DRAFT 5' 7"(1.7 m)
DISPLACEMENT 14.8 Tons approx.
POWER 75-200 s.h.p.
UNCUT STEEL 9.5 tons(1m)
Design Number: 501
ItemsQuantityUnit Price
Plans and Patterns (Steel):[$295]