LAND SAILER 8 STEEL - #758 - On Sale!
This is quite a departure from the other plans on this site, i.e., no water required. Steel construction. The amateur should have no trouble in the building of this land sailer. It must be easier, it doesn't even have to be watertight. But it will still have to be strong since there is not much give in the asphalt or concrete. You can even sail it on the beach provided that the sand is hard enough. Construction sheets give good details for building. Information on the rod steering and wheel mounts is very detailed. All the details for the sail are included. Two wheel sizes are given to allow for the type of surface you wish to sail on. The rigging is similar to that of a sailing dinghy and all fittings are readily available. Plans with full-size patterns.


Plans & Patterns Only $15, Was $30.

Design Number: 758
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Plans and Patterns (Steel):[$15]