MOONBEAM 30 - #576-C
MOONBEAM - Full Displacement Workboat STEEL

This boat is ruggedly constructed from steel and suitable for a multitude of uses. The long open cockpit (11' 3" x 7' 6") is well above waterline and will drain quickly.

Power is recommended as being a Perkins 4108 M, 37 horsepower diesel. Bigger engines will not increase speed to any extent, only bollard pull.

The construction is extremely simple with the hull plating of 5 mm set over frames from 2" x 3/16" flat bar. Headroom is good at 6' 3". Approximately 4.75 tons of uncut steel is required to build this boat.

Plans comprise eight highly detailed sheets with lines, welding information, engineering of motor shafting, and plumbing and wiring.

Full-size patterns are available and are optional.

LENGTH 29' 10' (9.1 m)
BEAM 11'2" (3.4 m)
DRAFT 3' 7"(1.1 m)
POWER 25-60 hp Diesel
SPEED 7.5 Knots approx.
Design Number: 576-C
ItemsQuantityUnit Price
Plans and Patterns (Steel):[$225]