WATERMAN 15 - #325 - On Sale!

Here's a simple-to-build boat for anyone experienced in welding and working aluminum. This design should be capable of estimated speeds to 50 knots approximately. Seating for up to six people. Total eight of uncut aluminum 170 Kg includes - 2 mm hull plating, frames 50.8 x 30 x 2 channel and solid round bar chines. Sides have inbuilt clinker spray rail.

Plans comprise five sheets of drawings showing hull profile, deck plan, lines and body plan, construction details, building jig, materials list and building procedures, plus the full-size patterns for the frames and transom.

Plans with full-size patterns.


Plans & Patterns Only $49, Was $75.

Design Number: 325
ItemsQuantityUnit Price
Plans and Patterns (Aluminum):[$49]
Digital Plans & Patterns - Aluminum:[$29]