TRANSITION 18-20 - #182 - On Sale!
Build in Steel or Aluminum
Anyone able to cut and weld steel should be able to complete all the steelwork in under 200 hours! Build in 2 sizes: 18 ft. or 20 ft. x 7'9" beam.

Cabin superstructure if made from timber and plywood, will keep the construction weight down considerably and, of course, performance will be up. Headroom in forward cabin is 4 ft. 6 in. and 5 ft. 10 in. in the main cabin of both the 18ft. and 20ft. cabin cruiser versions.

It takes approximately just under a ton of steel to build these fine little crafts. Shape of frames is easily obtained from the full size patterns and with careful study of the plans and instructions they should be simple enough to build.

Plans and full size patterns are available for (a) conventional inboard installation with 12 degrees V at transom or (b) outboards, out drives, jets or V drives with, 18 degrees deep V.

Many of these little steel cruisettes have now successfully been completed by amateur welders and can be seen all around the Australian continent in harbours, lakes, rivers and dams. They are used for both family cruising and ski ing. As can be seen from the photos, these boats have a nice shape and an excellent set of lines.

Bottom is plated with 12g. and topsides can be either 12g. or 14g. in two plates per side, giving a lapstrake appearance, but overcoming the usual flared bow complications, which would otherwise have to be welded in strips.

The 18ft. hull cabin version is suitable for inboards, inboards outboards, single or twin outboards or jet power plants. These power units are also suitable for the longer 20ft. hull with cabin. The same hulls can be constructed as a runabout without cabin. There are two vee berths forward and additional berths can be made by using cockpit benches if required.

Plans with full size patterns.


Plans & Patterns Only $39 for the Steel Inboard and Only $49 for the Steel Outboard. Was $99.

Design Number: # 182
ItemsQuantityUnit Price
Plans and Patterns (Aluminum):[$99]
Plans and Patterns (Steel):[$49]
Digital Plans & Patterns - Aluminum:[$69]
Digital Plans & Patterns - Steel:[$39]