Customer Testimonials

"I enjoyed building your 14 ft. Commander Fisherman. It was designed and planned out beautifully. I am 15 years old and built the kit in only 3 or 4 weekends. It is a perfect boat for me. I get a lot of use in my crabbing and shrimping business. It is a tough little boat and I would recommend ft to anyone." - S. N. Georgia

MARINER 20 #206K
"P.S. Also enclosed is a photograph of the boat we made last winter. We also got the frame and hardware kit for this boat from your company. I powered this boat with a 155 HP OMC stem drive and the boat handled it beautifully. And the design of the hull made it a very seaworthy craft." - J. T. Michigan

"We find the lines of these boats just beautiful. My seven year old Grandson is so happy with his boat." - S. H. North Carolina

"... one bright light (in my life) has been the fun I've had building one of your Dorys for my little boy. We fiberglassed the outsides and painted them with a 2-part epoxy paint. They look great and row well too!" - T. M. Canada

"The parts of this kit as I received it from your company, put together as instructed is giving me a beautiful vessel. The type of work your people did on this kit was good - very good. As you know, the outside is only as good as the ribs it's fastened to." - S. K. Pennsylvania

"I purchased your CN 52 and almost have it completed. They are very easy to assemble and for me that says alot because l am no carpenter or mechanic!" - W. M. Florida

"As far as the construction of the boat went, I would do it again if given the opportunity. Building a boat is just plain fun. The boat handles like an ocean racer in calm weather. There is not an untrue line in that design to have it perform any other way. The boat is a beautiful work of art. My sincere thanks to its designer" - R. L. Pennsylvania

"I built a PB 7OX and am well satisfied with its performance. With a 150 HP Volvo-Penta I. 0. it will do 30 MPH. It runs level and the spray goes straight out I don't think you could design one that worked or looked any better." - C. W. Canada

"As you said, and I sure agree with you, this is the smoothest riding and quietest boat I have ever been on. I have been thru 3 and 4 foot waves and it has never pounded as most boats do. It just slices the water like a knife and throws water 20 feet on each side. I have had two to three people sitting on the forward deck and they were as dry as a bone. People standing in the lower cabin don't move any more than if they were standing in their kitchen at home." - D. A. California

"Enclosed, please find a photo of the wood and canvas canoe I built this summer. It is your "Teal" BK 5 1. I just wanted you to know how proud I am of it and what a wonderful project it was for me this summer. I can't remember being so absorbed with anything In a long time." - K. R. Texas.

"Enclosed is a photo of our canoe project, nearing completion. We finished it last summer & took it down the Delaware. Really works well. The kit was really fun, simple to follow instructions & good qual-ity materials. My son did most of the work & it was a great way for a father & 15 year old son to spend time together & a fun way to teach basic tool skills to him. Thanks." - R. K. Pennsylvania

"I put on a 1988 Johnson 30 HP and from the first time I put it in the water I still can't believe how shallow of a draft it has. It sits right at the tunnel line at the transom with the motor and gas in the rear! it is very stable and hard to rock from side to side. I have the Gulf of Mexico 1/4 mile away from my house and I had it in very rough water over the weekend and I can't stress enough how smooth the ride is. No pounding, it just slices through."

"I have never done a kit before bigger than a car model! I had no trouble with the boat. I also had no help. Anyway, maybe you should push this kit a bit more because it's one outstanding boat."
"P. S. - It was assembled with Epoxy Plus resin." - W. M. Florida

HARTLEY 16 #C 30
"The actual construction was not as difficuft as I had anticipated and I attribute this to the fine plans by Hartley coupled with his boatbuilding book. She handles beautifully, is stable, responsive and everything I had hoped for. I am well pleased." - E. W. Arkansas

HARTLEY 18 #C 31
"I used 3/8 marine ply along with your Epoxy Plus goo according to plans and encountered no unexpected difficulties. It all resulted in a smooth looking, ultra dry boat that has given my family a lot of pleasure. But the biggest surprise has been the performance ... the boat tracks like a train, is speedy as all get out, ridiculously stiff for a non-ballasted center boarder and is just an all-around good sailing boat." - C. H. Florida

"I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my Hartley Trailer Sailer 21. She is always well behaved, and draws admiring looks from other boaters wherever I launch her. My auxiliary is an 8 hp Yamaha, and with the centerboard retracted and sails down she really moves with just that little power. This was my first experience building a boat, and it was so rewarding that I've just ordered plans for the Lively 34 from you. (By the way, I am thrilled to see that this is also a Hartley design.) Anyway, enjoy the pictures, and thank you for a wonderful experience" - M. T. Pennsylvania

"I enjoyed building the Barracuda as much as I enjoyed using it. I get stares everywhere I go. Thanks." - M. B. Alabama Built from plans using the Epoxy-Plus System.

"I am still running your 280 Hydro, built from your plans, it is a very stable boat." - J. F. Tennessee

"As will happen with the stump-filled lakes here in Southeast Texas, and some of the rivers we fished in, we subjected the hull to some pretty harsh treatment from time to time. I am pleased to say every glued seam held well. " - D. S. Texas

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